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Dale Edward Johnson has been writing about cars for more than 30 years. His articles have appeared in many of Canada’s daily newspapers, as well as specialty publications including CAA Magazine, Collectible Automobile, Old Autos, and Old Cars Weekly.

How marijuana affects driving

Cannabis has some of the same impacts as alcohol — and some that are different — when you drive. “Cannabis narrows your field of vision, as does alcohol. Your peripheral vision is decreased, and your reaction times are decreased,” says Rand Teed, a Regina addictions counsellor and drug and alcohol educator. But Teed says cannabis

Mustang magic continues

When Ford announced earlier this year that it would quit making cars to focus on pickups, crossovers and SUVs by 2020, there was one exception: the Mustang will live on. No wonder, because there’s nothing like a Mustang. That can’t be said of the other cars made by Ford: the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus.

How vehicles earn top honours in Canada

About 70 automotive journalists from across Canada, including yours truly, spent three days last week testing, evaluating and comparing 48 of the newest vehicles on the Canadian market. The event, called TestFest, is held about 90 km east of Toronto at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, previously known as Mosport. I’m not licensed to drive

How the Ford Explorer shaped the SUV market

The Ford Explorer, which can be largely credited for today’s popularity of SUVs as family haulers, is still popular almost 30 years after its introduction — despite lots of competition. Crossovers and SUVs dominate the automotive marketplace these days, with a wide range of offerings in price and size. But it was a far different

How wheels make a difference for a single mom

Among the challenges facing many single mothers is transportation. “Having reliable transportation is an important step in helping single moms to be independent and provide for their children,” explains Andrew Martens, executive director of Regina Supercars, an organization he set up to provide cars to single moms. “Transportation is essential for single moms to get

How technology is making semi-trailer trucks safer

New technologies that are making coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUVs safer are also making semi-trailer trucks safer. Manufacturers use different names for their particular products; no matter what they’re called, these driver assists can help to make driving safer. Available technologies can: Slow a vehicle down if the vehicle in front slows down. Adaptive cruise

Taking in Saskatchewan’s biggest car show

Some car buffs from southern Saskatchewan make the trip each August to Saskatoon for the Rock 102 Show and Shine weekend — Saskatchewan’s largest car show, with more than 1,000 antique, classic and special interest cars, truck and motorcycles on display in downtown Saskatoon. This year’s event, held Sunday, Aug. 19, attracted a crowd estimated